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Diamonds grown in the lab may be another choice for consumers.

Apr. 02, 2020

  Synthetic diamonds are real diamonds in every sense,they are chemically, physically, atomically and optically the same as the natural diamonds. lab diamonds are a kind of diamond produced and manufactured by artificial methods to simulate the crystallization characteristics of natural diamond.

Natural & Synthetic,which one is environmentally kind!

  As we all know, the mining sites of natural diamonds are very difficult to select,and the mining project is enormous and environmentally destructive by using some large machinery.That results in some serious problems including blood diamonds,conflict diamonds,child labour, human rights violations,resource exhaustion and environmental crisis.  

Diamonds grown in the lab may be another choice for consumers.

  Synthetic diamonds are environmental friendliness and created by the best scientists,professional engineers and skilled workers in the laboratory,using appropriate amounts of ionization and raw materials.There is only one beautiful earth, it is the duty of every citizen of us to protect it!

Natural & Synthesis, who is more changeable!

  The production of natural diamonds is small and the price is high, which limits the designs of jewelry greatly. Considering the consumption level of mass consumption,style design of natural diamonds are often simple, generous and lack of novelty.However, because of the outstanding advantages in the price of synthetic diamonds,the synthetic diamonds have ever changing designs and deeply loved by the consumers.Use the same price to buy larger and more beautiful diamond,why not?

Natural & Synthesis, who is more versatile!

  Natural diamonds are small in production and expensive in price. At present, it is only used as jewelry and collectibles on the market.But synthetic diamond,as a kind of superconducting and superhard materials, is widely used in various fields and industries.

High-quality and inexpensive synthetic diamonds will replace the role of silicon in semiconductors and bring human science and technology into another world.

  "The production of natural diamonds is low and it's difficult to mine,the appearance of synthetic diamond is a big step for the human technological progress.”

 Some experts believe that with the current gap between supply and demand of natural diamonds further widening, synthetic diamonds can alleviate some demand of the market on the premise of honest disclosure and become another choice for civilian consumers.