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The difference between laboratory diamonds and natural diamonds

Oct. 20, 2020

  Are natural diamonds better than laboratory diamonds? If their 4C grades are the same, then at least, they look the same to the naked eye.

1. 4C grade. Regarding the color and clarity of lab grown diamonds and artificial diamonds, it is not a good comparison. Most natural diamonds are of low quality, so there are very few that can be used in jewelry. Today, the color clarity of laboratory diamonds is also very good.

laboratory diamonds

2. Connotation. The diamond market has developed to this day. The price of a single loose diamond is related to 4C, and the value of the overall natural diamond has nothing to do with 4C. Human society (including diamond marketers and consumers) has given natural diamonds more value connotations.

3. Cost performance. Diamond itself is not a highly practical product such as cars, mobile phones, steel, home appliances, etc. You cannot simply use parameters and quality to judge advantages and prices; just like Hermes silk scarves, no matter from the perspective of price, warmth, and wind , Are definitely very low cost performance.

The difference between laboratory diamonds and natural diamonds

4. Quantity. Compared with lab created diamond that can be produced without restrictions, the advantages of natural diamonds may be: natural, limited quantity (no matter how much reserves, natural cannot be regenerated), jewelry-grade diamonds are scarce (relative to overall diamond production), value added from mining to counter, Natural diamond certificates issued by authoritative organizations such as GIA; now, laboratory diamonds can also have diamond certificates issued by authoritative organizations such as IGI and GIA.

5. Price. In fact, cultivating diamonds depends on the grade like natural diamonds. Generally, loose diamonds of the same grade and parameters. The advantage of natural diamonds is that they are natural and market education is well done. Everyone thinks this is very expensive! The biggest advantage is the market awareness brought by long-term marketing. 

  It should be said that the high-grade loose diamonds of large carats are generally not seen on jewelry, starting with 3~5 carats of white diamonds. There are large carat colored diamonds with high color grades. 

  The above two types have investable value and will maintain or increase their value. Generally appearing in high-end auction houses, ordinary people should not consider it. These are two markets, the consumer market and the collection market. 

  If the price of cultivated diamonds is about three to a quarter of that of natural diamonds under the premise of the same level, there will be a certain advantage in price. If you only pursue cosmetic effects, cultivated diamonds are undoubtedly a good choice.

6. Growth mode. The biggest difference between lab diamonds and natural diamonds is the growth method. It can be distinguished only by measuring the spectrum, which cannot be distinguished by naked eyes. 

  Natural diamonds grow in multiple directions under high temperature and high pressure for a long time. Cultivation of diamonds hthp simulates the high temperature and high pressure multidirectional growth in the underground environment. Cvd is the high temperature and high pressure unidirectional growth in the reactor.